Larissa Lóh Architecture

Founded in 2015, Larissa Lóh architecture and interior design studio main objective is to develop original concepts and innovative ideas combined with contemporary design for a more practical life with personality.

Focused on excellence and in line with Brazilian and international design trends, we seek to reinvent the design style and use of materials. Natural elements, aligned with local culture, are a trademark of our projects. By this means, we exalt the Brazilian aspects of living and working, providing people with a greater connection with spaces.

Each project is treated in a unique way, with devotion and care. Our goal is to meet the customers' desires, always exceeding their expectations, always focusing on having functional and elegant spaces as a result, where they feel embraced and welcomed, so that their lives are renewed and loaded with much meaning.

Larissa Lóh

Av. do Batel, 1230 - Batel, Curitiba - PR. ZIP CODE 80420-090